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“Bridal Couture” Swimsuit Session

So hot the day, from early morning ’til late in afternoon girls coming one by one for the opportunity to strut their modeling skills in Bridal Couture Swimsuits from Lovematerialgirl.  It was perfectly hot in every way….temperature in the air, hot swimwear and hot girls.  Our four hair and make-up artists worked hard the molding each one of our ten models into a pristine gem.  There was one photographer on the set to position each girl into elegant shapes that would compliment “Bridal Couture” swimwear and her assistant that worked hard in the sun all day holding lights by the poolside.  Lots of food and liquids to keep our strength up in the heat, shade to keep the girls cool and a beautiful rock swimming pool to pose and keep the models fresh and easy!

Our lovely models:  Jaime Schaffran, Robyn Trudeau, Natasha Klindworth, Janet Amaya, Ashlee Smith, Alana Jones, Amber Brinton, Taryn Clack, Nikki Nakata & Rachael Karr

Our participants:  Suzzette Baltazar/Lovematerialgirl Swimwear, Kelly Chondroupulous/our generous host, Maria Santana/My Hair Fixation, Eva/The Bridal Suite, Michele Donaldson/Beverly Hill Bridal ExChange,  Sheri Smith/MFG Floral Designs & Events, Mia Santana & Katie Smith / Bella Mia Foto

Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for having us in your lovely home and sharing the day with us!  Next time we’ll make sure Manny has the day off!  I know how disappointed he was to have to go to work…lol!!!



More exotic photos soon to come!