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Rami + Lindsey Wedding / Los Willows Wedding Photography

Los Willows Wedding Photography

Fallbrook wedding bride and groom

Bride Groom Kiss

What amazing venue for your wedding!



Los Willows wedding photography

Los Willows wedding photographer


Rami & Lindsey

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Azaria + Gerry Wedding / Temecula Wedding / Pechanga Resort & Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino Eagle's Nest Temecula Wedding

This beautiful bride is so ready for her Temecula wedding day!

Not all brides can take on their wedding day with such assurance and poise as this glamorus bombshell bride.

 Today, TWO was best!

Two are better than one for this bride.

This beautiful bride just couldn’t make up her mind in choosing the perfect dress.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Temecula wedding bride!

Azaria was cool, calm and collective from the very start of her wedding day.

Pechanga Resort / Eagle's Nest

Pechanga Resort & Casino / Eagle’s Nest is a spectacular venue for a Temecula Wedding!

Check out more of this beautiful couple’s Temecula wedding photos on video!

DIY Wedding Photography / Professional Wedding Photographer

DIY Wedding Photography ~ A Bride’s Dream Wedding

DIY Wedding Photography can be the biggest regret in planning your wedding.  Every bride has an image of what they envision their dream wedding to be. Some brides see themselves walking down a stairwell in a crystal bodice gown with a flowing tool bottom and a tiara to match. They walk into a room full of colorful flowers, (of their choice of course) and a three-tier cake fit for a queen. Some see themselves in a lacy gown with a beach reception; they can smell the seafood that complements the gorgeous beach setting. Whatever the brides sees, a dream wedding can quickly turn into a nightmare when the bride goes to opens her wedding album only to reveal blurry, unfocused pictures.


DIY Wedding  Photography ~ DIY Bride

Weddings are not cheap.  If you are like most brides, you are on a budget and you may not be able to afford a three-tier buttercream cake adorned with fondant crystals, with a ballroom reception and Neiman Marcus shoes! As a DIY wedding bride it is your instinct to cut as many corners as possible.  Instead of buying premade bouquets you opt to buy the flowers and arrange them yourself. Instead of ordering gourmet catering you round up grandma, mom, all your sisters and bridesmaids, share your favorite recipes and get to cooking. Instead of buying that dress that costs as much as a down payment on a house you buy a similar dress and add the beading on yourself. You are a take charge, get er’ done kind of woman!

DIY Wedding  Photography ~ Professional Wedding Photographer, Professional Camera

But trust me photos are the one area you don’t want to trim costs! I know it can be tempting with all the fancy smartphones and tabs to just grab mom or one of your bridesmaids and assign them the duty of being a photographer but DON’T DO IT! Bad lighting, awkward poses, and poorly edited photos are just some of the potential consequences of having a loved one take your pictures (and let’s not forget those awful candid shots!) Even if they agree to it, such a hefty task may be too great for them to handle and no way will your pictures be as beautiful as if a professional wedding photographer took them with a professional camera. A wedding is such a big ordeal it is very easy for your loved one to miss taking the perfect shot while they are getting caught up in the magic of your big day.

DIY Wedding  Photography ~ Importance of Getting a Professional Wedding Photographer


Now back to my last point, I cannot urge the importance of getting a PROFESSIONAL wedding photographer. You may have a friend who likes to take pictures, but liking something and being good at it is two different things. I love to sing but can’t carry a tune to save my life! The last thing you want is to figure out that your friend who loves taking pictures does not have the skills you thought they possessed and end up with mediocre photos. A professional wedding photographer guarantees your photos will capture the magical moments of your wedding day. The last thing you want to discover is that the beautiful image of your wedding kisses will be forever covered by your ecstatic mother’s thumb. Avoid the risk, and hire a professional photographer!

Newport Beach Wedding Photography / David + Megan Wedding

Newport Beach Wedding Photography / Upon a Sea of Love


newport beach wedding photography, wedding at sea, high school sweethearts,

I Love Being A Newport Beach Wedding Photographer When It Comes To Everlasting Love

Take a look at this Newport Beach wedding photography.  Being a wedding photographer allows me to experience all types of unions. Honestly, there is nothing quite like young love.  Especially high school sweetheart everlasting love. David and Megan have known one another since they attended junior high school together. They became close friends once they started attending high school. Only nine months later they realized this was love.  This was not just high school puppy love.  This love was real.  At that moment they realized they were meant for one another for life.

Electra Cruises, Newport Princess, Newport Bay, Newport Beach wedding photography

Newport Beach wedding photography aboard the Newport Princess / Newport Bay

Newport Beach wedding photography

A bride’s beautiful gown makes perfect for Newport Beach wedding photography!

Life Gets Busy But They Stayed Focused

Working and attending college around their engagement and wedding planning wasn’t easy. Megan attends University of California Riverside and will be graduating in June, 2013. David started out attending Riverside Community College, but realized joining the Navy was really his calling. David enlisted in the US Navy.  He was put into the Nuclear Engineering program and has been attending school for the past two years. Life gets busy, but they approached their wedding like any other milestone.  They focused on their relationship with love and energy.

winter wedding, Christmas wedding, Electra Cruises, Newport Bay, Newport Beach

Only days before Christmas the wedding took place aboard the Newport Princess Yacht.


Inseparable since those early high school years, these sweethearts were thrilled to become man and wife this past December.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place with Electra Cruises.  They chose to wed aboard the Newport Princess Yacht in Newport Bay, Newport Beach. I was thrilled they chose me as their wedding photographer and really enjoyed shooting this beautiful pair.


Newport Beach Wedding Photography, Electra Cruises, Newport Princess Yacht, Newport Bay, Newport Beach

The entire yacht was decorated with holiday décor, including ornate Christmas trees, garland and pearls.

The wedding was a beautiful, sunny day upon a calm sea of love. The entire yacht was decorated with holiday décor, including ornate Christmas trees, garland and pearls.


DSC_1778 DSC_1821 DSC_1811 DSC_1872 DSC_1889 DSC_1900

Dressed For The Season

The groomsmen looked dapper in their three-piece tuxedos and the bridesmaids sparkled in crimson dresses. The entire wedding party was dressed for the season, but with a modern, wedding flair.

DSC_1740DSC_1711 DSC_2200 DSC_2351-2295268837-O

DSC_2002 DSC_2000 DSC_1982 DSC_2028 DSC_2065 DSC_2127 DSC_2287 DSC_2424 DSC_2481 DSC_2513 DSC_5711 DSC_5708 DSC_5694 DSC_5684 DSC_5669 DSC_5533 DSC_5513 DSC_5480 DSC_5437 DSC_2942-2295303420-O

The Bride Was An Angel In White

Megan was an angel in white. Her floor length gown was simple and elegant. She wore a beautifully beaded headband and veil.  They were a perfect compliment to her gorgeous deep red and crimson calla lilies. David stood handsome and proud in his black suit accented with a crimson tie.   His eyes sparkled with love.  David was beaming with joy as he saw his bride for the first time walking towards him down the aisle.

DSC_3204-2295318004-O DSC_2773 DSC_2769 DSC_2767 DSC_2765 DSC_2763 DSC_2759 DSC_2748 DSC_2745 DSC_2740 DSC_2713 DSC_3744-2295344777-O

Strong And Everlasting Love

The ceremony was true to the couple; simple, sweet and lovely. The reception was full of laughter, friends, food, family, giving of gifts, dancing and pure joy. Watching these two young people grow together over the years has only solidified my belief in true love. No matter what the age, the time these two have spent together has created a union that will last through their lives. It is with great joy I attended such an event and was able to participate as their Newport Beach wedding photographer. Their love is strong and lasting. I look forward to photographing their children and family for years to come.

Contributing Vendors and Coordinators:

Electra Cruises :  Mona – Onboard Day Of Coordinator, Larry Phoenix – Captain, Allison Danielson – Wedding & Special Events Planner

LaVonne’s Florist

Gary Barmore / Marrying Captain /

Please stop by and view other favorite wedding photos at

Top 3 Reasons You Should Splurge on your Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding Photographer and Price … versus Value

And that fateful moment has arrived. It is time to book the photographer for your wedding…your very special, irreplaceable day. You have two things in front of you. An old crumpled magazine clipping you cut out of a wedding magazine when you were sixteen (the shot still makes you tear up), and that lovely wedding budget, which also manages to be a source of tears these days. So, what do you do? Craigslist is calling you…there’s tons of new photographers out there that you could book for like nothing and maybe help them build their portfolio in the process. You’d be doing them a favor as well as your pocketbook for sure, right? I have been asked the question so many times, “Why should I spend so much on a professional photographer when I could pick some novice on Craigslist and save myself a lot of money?” Here is my answer. Below are my Top 3 Reasons You Should Splurge on your Wedding Photographer.

1) A novice has not invested enough time yet to define their own photography style or develop their photographer’s eye. When you are interviewing photographers, one of the things you want to look for in their portfolio is how the photographer see’s the world. Pay attention to what and how they see images in a scene. Do their albums tell a story? Can you feel what you see in the photograph? Is there creativity? Do people look comfortable and relaxed? As a novice (yes, I was there once) you are unsure of how you see the world yet. You are copying other photographer’s styles that you seem to like in order to develop your own eye. Trust me, your wedding is not the place to discover that the photographer you chose didn’t capture the moment as you wanted to remember it. Your wedding photographs will tell your story for years and years to come. You have to ask yourself, do you just want wedding pictures, or do you want to capture the day…the moments…and that unforgettable feeling. A photo is just an empty image if the photographer is too unskilled to “bring it to life.”

2) A novice does not know how to utilize all the equipment available to them yet or use them quickly enough to capture the moment! This is SO important. When shooting professionally, there are always many things going on in the photographer’s world that the client is completely unaware of; or at least they should be. There are lens changes, battery swaps, light arrangement (we watch the sun like it’s a two-year old next to a swimming pool), aspect rations…the list goes on and on…not to mention photo editing. This takes time to learn! Especially in wedding photography. I say that italicized because it needs to be. There is a reason people charge more for a wedding. Because it is a completely unique form of photography that requires a lot more work than your standard scheduled photo shoot. No one wants to be that photographer that misses the moment for a lens change or dead battery. A professional wedding photographer knows what to expect, when to expect it and how to be prepared for every moment.

3) A professional wedding photographer knows a wedding almost as well as a wedding coordinator. A photographer must learn the flow of a wedding in order to tell a story. Over time, usually as an apprentice, a photographer learns what works, what doesn’t, how much time to spend on each shot, a collection of mentally stored poses at your disposal, the ability to make people feel comfortable with you very quickly, can think on the move, knows what to look for and when and sometimes very important…how to make a not so pretty scene absolutely stunning. As an amateur or novice photographer, you miss a lot merely because you don’t know what to expect.

Lastly, remember this. Your wedding pictures are one of the only things that will outlast your wedding itself! The cake and decorations are gone, your dress is vacuum sealed and stored away, the tuxedos were returned to the rental place and you are now left with what? The small top cake you are supposed to freeze and eat as a couple a year later? That’s it? Thousands of dollars out of pocket and nothing more than a future freezer burnt cake to chew like piece of jerky on your first anniversary? Oh wait, that’s right…the photos! I know I sound cheesy, but let’s face it. Like buying a house, you get what you pay for in wedding photography. You might spend more than you wanted, but isn’t it worth treasuring something as important as your photos for years to come instead of growling with regret every time you look at them?

3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Knew

When preparing for your wedding, you are thinking about a million things. The dress, the venue, the guest list, the food, the flowers, the theme… The list goes on and on. But all of the details will be hazy and eventually forgotten if your photographer doesn’t get necessary time to capture all those important moments. It is the photography that gives you a beautiful visual record of your special day, a record you can enjoy for a lifetime.

As a professional wedding photographer, there are things I wish all my brides and grooms knew. While the list could be really long, I think these three points are the most important and will help you help me really give you the best pictures possible.

  1. Make sure you allot enough time for your pictures. I can’t emphasize this enough! Too many couples only provide a short time between the ceremony and the reception to capture all those important family portrait shots. Making sure I have enough time to get in all the shots you want so you can remember your big day and cherish these images forever. If you don’t know how much time is enough, ask me! I’m glad to explain the process and work with you to get the time-line right.
  2. Just like in real estate, photography is often about location, location, location. Having a great location for your portrait shots with the right lighting makes all the difference! Scout out your venue before the wedding day to find great locations for your portrait shots. If you don’t want a stray dumpster in the background of your only portrait with great-grandma or be pestered by swarms of small insects while you smile and pose for 45 minutes, make sure you find a few great spots ahead of time!
  3. Wedding professionals from photographers to officiants love wedding coordinators! They know what needs to be done. It is their job to organize your wedding day, allotting enough time for everything to get done while making sure it’s beautiful and everyone has a good time. If you can’t afford to hire a coordinator (which, honestly, wedding professionals wonder how you can afford NOT to hire one), make sure you talk to me and your other vendors. We’re happy to explain how much time is needed to give you our best. It can help you draft a realistic schedule or time-line of the day. Then, designate a trusted friend or family member (preferably someone who can be punctual and direct but pleasant) to ensure everyone knows their place and stays on schedule.

Lindsey & John Destination Wedding Maui!

I am so blessed to be the destination wedding photographer for this amazing couple, John and Lindsey Arviso They chose to be married on the perfect island Maui, the Valley Isle. As the wedding began, a gorgeous rainbow with the most vivid colors stretched side to side as if beckoning us to delight our eyes on the princess bride soon to appear through this extraordinary vision. Incredibly, the rainbow remained the entirety of the ceremony. In this magical Island of Maui even rainbows are mystical.

Following the ceremony, we were privileged to a perfect sunset changing colors with every breath, simply a photographer’s castle in the sky. Speaking of photographers, I was so fortunate to have my friend/photographer second shoot with me for this incredible destination wedding, Sonia Tapia. Her assistance and eye for detail is impeccable.

The very next day we jumped in our cars to drive “The Road to Hana”. We made many stops for amazing photo opts which included waterfalls and the Black Sand Beach. Two days later we ventured out to take advantage of more of the island’s natural beauty, the Sugar Cane Train, Mama’s Fish House for dinner and then into the waters of the North Shore. I believe the treacherous waters calmed just for the time Lindsey and John danced in the sea and sky. Gorgeous!