Children Photography / Love Kenny

Children photography includes props like my little red wagon.  Sometimes I bring it along because I know there is just something about boys and red wagons!

red wagon children photography, outside children photography

Kenny enjoys the ride!

This is my second time photographing Kenny.  This time is for his special birthday #2.
This little guy seemed to be infatuated with everything on the ground…..especially dirty leaves.  I guess to a kid who sees so close to the ground can be pretty curious as to what all those multi-colored things are all over the place. There are so many, so similar, yet not one alike!  Kenny picked up leaf after leaf.  So, pretty much my entire photo session with him was at his level….ground zero.

Sometimes children photography can be a little difficult.  I knew Kenny’s photo session was coming to an end when I noticed he was getting a little agitated with me.  Every time he looked at me and saw the camera in his direction, he yelled “NO”!!!!  He yelled, and yelled and yelled.  Too funny this little stinker, but too cute!

Kenny’s expressions and curiosity were priceless.  This is what makes children photography so wonderful!  xo

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