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DIY Wedding Photography ~ A Bride’s Dream Wedding

DIY Wedding Photography can be the biggest regret in planning your wedding.  Every bride has an image of what they envision their dream wedding to be. Some brides see themselves walking down a stairwell in a crystal bodice gown with a flowing tool bottom and a tiara to match. They walk into a room full of colorful flowers, (of their choice of course) and a three-tier cake fit for a queen. Some see themselves in a lacy gown with a beach reception; they can smell the seafood that complements the gorgeous beach setting. Whatever the brides sees, a dream wedding can quickly turn into a nightmare when the bride goes to opens her wedding album only to reveal blurry, unfocused pictures.


DIY Wedding  Photography ~ DIY Bride

Weddings are not cheap.  If you are like most brides, you are on a budget and you may not be able to afford a three-tier buttercream cake adorned with fondant crystals, with a ballroom reception and Neiman Marcus shoes! As a DIY wedding bride it is your instinct to cut as many corners as possible.  Instead of buying premade bouquets you opt to buy the flowers and arrange them yourself. Instead of ordering gourmet catering you round up grandma, mom, all your sisters and bridesmaids, share your favorite recipes and get to cooking. Instead of buying that dress that costs as much as a down payment on a house you buy a similar dress and add the beading on yourself. You are a take charge, get er’ done kind of woman!

DIY Wedding  Photography ~ Professional Wedding Photographer, Professional Camera

But trust me photos are the one area you don’t want to trim costs! I know it can be tempting with all the fancy smartphones and tabs to just grab mom or one of your bridesmaids and assign them the duty of being a photographer but DON’T DO IT! Bad lighting, awkward poses, and poorly edited photos are just some of the potential consequences of having a loved one take your pictures (and let’s not forget those awful candid shots!) Even if they agree to it, such a hefty task may be too great for them to handle and no way will your pictures be as beautiful as if a professional wedding photographer took them with a professional camera. A wedding is such a big ordeal it is very easy for your loved one to miss taking the perfect shot while they are getting caught up in the magic of your big day.

DIY Wedding  Photography ~ Importance of Getting a Professional Wedding Photographer


Now back to my last point, I cannot urge the importance of getting a PROFESSIONAL wedding photographer. You may have a friend who likes to take pictures, but liking something and being good at it is two different things. I love to sing but can’t carry a tune to save my life! The last thing you want is to figure out that your friend who loves taking pictures does not have the skills you thought they possessed and end up with mediocre photos. A professional wedding photographer guarantees your photos will capture the magical moments of your wedding day. The last thing you want to discover is that the beautiful image of your wedding kisses will be forever covered by your ecstatic mother’s thumb. Avoid the risk, and hire a professional photographer!

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