Don’t Touch My Little Red Wagon

love my little red wagon


This is my little friend Thaddeus….”Thad” for short.  Today is picture day for Thad and his family.  After a recent studio portrait session, I knew I better be prepared to entertain this little guy.  This is where I bring out the old “little red wagon”.  There’s just something about little red wagons and little boys.  Apparently, wagons were built just for boys, and they are always painted red!  Thad loved, loved my little red wagon!  He immediately jumped in and waited to be pulled.    After a brief tow around of about 20 feet, he felt empowered to do the pulling himself.  Thad was not just pulling, but decided he could be pushing as well.  That was when I knew I was in for a serious work out in capturing little Thad’s handsome face.  Thad went up, I went up, Thad went down, I went down…..up, down, up, down….all along the waterside.  This little guy was definitely giving me a run for the hour!  Thaddeus definitely loved my little red wagon, just look at his face!  Don’t touch my little red wagon!


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