Engagement Photos / Marcus + Priscilla / Forest Falls

Meet my newest engaged couple ready to take their engagement photos, Marcus and Priscilla.  They are soon to be married, like next month.  With all the holidays behind us it is now time to crack the whip on all the final details of their wedding day.  One very important item on the “to-do” agenda was their engagement photos.  So one day prior we set the date to take their engagement photos.  After discussing many options of where to take the engagement photos, Marcus requests the mountains.  The following day we were off!  All I can say is it was so, so beautiful, they were so, so fun and it was so, so, very freezing.  I was hoping to not drop my camera from frozen fingers or slip on the ice from hard packed snow.  Marcus and Priscilla were real troopers.  They were freezing cold as well, but they painstakingly endured the ice and low temperature and showed their love for each other with every moment and every image of their engagement photos.

engagement photosDSC_5305DSC_5311This little snowman wanted in the action!  He knows true love when he feels it getting a little warm for him, there is an engaged couple nearby!!!

DSC_5408 DSC_5393 DSC_5384 DSC_5382 DSC_5379

One of my favorite moments, lay on the ice baby!  Show me how much you love me!  Sweet!!  Yes, we shall be married next month!

DSC_5375 DSC_5370 DSC_5364 DSC_5357 DSC_5344 DSC_5335


I had asked Priscilla for some words I could write about on “their love story”, and this is what she sent….a real love story.  I decided to keep it the way she wrote, with her heart!

Our love story, our past led us to believe in much more. To take negative into positive, to catch a fallen star and brighten each others day when things aren’t so great. The passion for wanting, and the desire for loving is what our love story is. To believe in whatever it is you believe in and to understand that not everything in life is fair , but if you can find someone to share your mistakes and your triumphs with then everything is much more worth it! Having faith is what keeps us going , our love is what symbolizes so much more than saying it. It’s a feeling you get that’s at times indescribable. How me met , after as long as I can remember we were always around each other passively. In irony we lived our lives among our friends from a distance we kept. Only we both know what we mean. To not hurt was my thought I guess to not get near to him and out of respect he didn’t approach me. Years passing I had text him memorizing his phone number thru a conversation my friends had, I TEXT him hehehe.. Couple weeks later after talking and texting via phone he had asked me to invite him over .. I was very particular who I invited over since I lived at my parents house but I did, we have been inseparable since then!! The longest time we have been apart has been 2 days.. I’m proud to say that I know he loves me, and I love him so much ..Im marrying the man of my dreams:)


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  1. lucio says:

    AAww you two look adorable! Congratulations again you two im happy for both of u!

  2. lorenzo says:

    U guys should become professional snowman makers congratulations miss Stewart

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