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Newport Beach Wedding Photography / Upon a Sea of Love


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I Love Being A Newport Beach Wedding Photographer When It Comes To Everlasting Love

Take a look at this Newport Beach wedding photography.  Being a wedding photographer allows me to experience all types of unions. Honestly, there is nothing quite like young love.  Especially high school sweetheart everlasting love. David and Megan have known one another since they attended junior high school together. They became close friends once they started attending high school. Only nine months later they realized this was love.  This was not just high school puppy love.  This love was real.  At that moment they realized they were meant for one another for life.

Electra Cruises, Newport Princess, Newport Bay, Newport Beach wedding photography

Newport Beach wedding photography aboard the Newport Princess / Newport Bay

Newport Beach wedding photography

A bride’s beautiful gown makes perfect for Newport Beach wedding photography!

Life Gets Busy But They Stayed Focused

Working and attending college around their engagement and wedding planning wasn’t easy. Megan attends University of California Riverside and will be graduating in June, 2013. David started out attending Riverside Community College, but realized joining the Navy was really his calling. David enlisted in the US Navy.  He was put into the Nuclear Engineering program and has been attending school for the past two years. Life gets busy, but they approached their wedding like any other milestone.  They focused on their relationship with love and energy.

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Only days before Christmas the wedding took place aboard the Newport Princess Yacht.


Inseparable since those early high school years, these sweethearts were thrilled to become man and wife this past December.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place with Electra Cruises.  They chose to wed aboard the Newport Princess Yacht in Newport Bay, Newport Beach. I was thrilled they chose me as their wedding photographer and really enjoyed shooting this beautiful pair.


Newport Beach Wedding Photography, Electra Cruises, Newport Princess Yacht, Newport Bay, Newport Beach

The entire yacht was decorated with holiday décor, including ornate Christmas trees, garland and pearls.

The wedding was a beautiful, sunny day upon a calm sea of love. The entire yacht was decorated with holiday décor, including ornate Christmas trees, garland and pearls.


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Dressed For The Season

The groomsmen looked dapper in their three-piece tuxedos and the bridesmaids sparkled in crimson dresses. The entire wedding party was dressed for the season, but with a modern, wedding flair.

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The Bride Was An Angel In White

Megan was an angel in white. Her floor length gown was simple and elegant. She wore a beautifully beaded headband and veil.  They were a perfect compliment to her gorgeous deep red and crimson calla lilies. David stood handsome and proud in his black suit accented with a crimson tie.   His eyes sparkled with love.  David was beaming with joy as he saw his bride for the first time walking towards him down the aisle.

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Strong And Everlasting Love

The ceremony was true to the couple; simple, sweet and lovely. The reception was full of laughter, friends, food, family, giving of gifts, dancing and pure joy. Watching these two young people grow together over the years has only solidified my belief in true love. No matter what the age, the time these two have spent together has created a union that will last through their lives. It is with great joy I attended such an event and was able to participate as their Newport Beach wedding photographer. Their love is strong and lasting. I look forward to photographing their children and family for years to come.

Contributing Vendors and Coordinators:

Electra Cruises :  Mona – Onboard Day Of Coordinator, Larry Phoenix – Captain, Allison Danielson – Wedding & Special Events Planner

LaVonne’s Florist

Gary Barmore / Marrying Captain /

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